Posted by: elderleach | May 1, 2010

Last Minute Packing and Goodbyes

Ah, geez. This is tough. I have lived in Silverdale my whole life! I mean, this is all I know. All of my childhood memories have been in Silverdale, and for that I can’t complain. It’s been a great 18 years in this part of the world and now I’m about ready to make a HUGE adjustment to another part of the world: South Africa.

Mom is in Provo, UT right know at a geneology conference—I know, sounds EXTREMELY, mind-numbingly boring. But you know what? She says the same thing about my weather obsession. She will return late tomorrow night, so we’ll get to spend even more quality time before I leave. I’ve heard it’s always toughest on the moms when their missionary boys leave. I tend to believe that!

This past Valentine’s Day I said, “Mom! Did you know this is our last Valentine’s together before I leave?” She immediately broke down in tears, creating a pretty tragic and awkward dinner experience.

I did the same thing before she left for Provo. We were shopping for all my things on the mission checklist and I said, “Mom! This is the last time we’ll go shopping together before I leave!” She turned her head away from me and started to silently cry. Oh great, I thought. I’ve done it again! She’s a giant leaky faucet when it comes to these things 😉

So I leave on Wednesday. I’m ready. My flight leaves at 6:00 in the gal darn morning to Provo, UT for 3 weeks of training, then I’ll fly to Johannesburg and drive (on the left side of the road!!!!) to Cape Town to meet the mission president, his wife, and the other missionaries in the area.

I’m trying not to make this sound like I’ll never return again, but I’m really going to miss everybody! I love my family the most, so I’ll miss them the most. But my friends are so important to me. I wish everyone good health and fortune so I can come back to happy faces and good news all around!

Well, I’m going to go do Saturday chores for the last time (stop crying Mom!!).


Elder Leach 🙂



  1. We’re going to miss you, Matt, there’s no doubt. How kind of your mother to share your letters with the rest of us this way! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! =D

  2. Yes, Matthew, mom’s ARE leaky faucets when it comes to their departing babies. Actually, it doesn’t really dry up for about 2 years:)
    We are pulling for you and praying for you, but we know, too, that you will have a fantastic and unique experience- prepared only for you. Be unfailingly obedient so that the Lord can pour into you all the power and spirit and inspiration he has to give you- to bless your life as well as those you are serving.

    Much much love,
    Sister K

  3. Korbin is 6 and intense so at the moment I cant wait for him to go on his mission, but, I know when the time comes I will be a slobbery teary mess.
    You will be a wonderful missionary-because in many ways you have always been one, this time you will have so many additional blessings because of your choice to be an Elder and to think of the generations you can touch with the spirit leading you! Awesome! Ive worried about lots of missionaries ‘I hope his companion doesn’t kill him he’s a wierd dude’ or whatever but when it comes to you-you are who Heavenly Father was talking about when he was calling men to serve in the field. Go light them up-they are waiting for you!

  4. Thank you so much for your comments, guys! I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Wow, it is REALLY comforting to know there are so many great friends back at home praying for all the missionaries out there serving!

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