Posted by: elderleach | May 3, 2010

Bad News…Or Good News. Cup Half Full or Half Empty?

Well friends, I have some…news. I can’t say with any certainty if this is good or bad news, but it is news nonetheless.

This evening my dear Mother was looking through some mission papers to find some information on obtaining a status report on my extremely important FBI Clearance. After finding a money order receipt, she called Bank of America to investigate whether or not it has been cashed.

The lady on the other end of the phone, after receiving all the information necessary to process this request, responded in a sweet voice, “It doesn’t appear to have been cashed yet”. Let’s just say, if anyone is going to break some news to me like the death of a family member or dog, I’d request this woman to do the job. She can make receving news “you’re going to die any day now” sound like the best news in the world!

After her soft, sweet tone wore off, I began to realize what this meant: not only am I going to be attending the Provo MTC (not like this is a bad thing, but the Johannesburg MTC would’ve been cool…) for 3 weeks, but I won’t be receiving my FBI Clearance anytime too soon.

Is it a possibility I’ll be serving a state-side mission until the whole process is worked out? Yes…a very real one. And you know what? That would be pretty cool to serve in two missions!

I’ve heard some horror stories of missionaries never receiving their VISA’s and…gulp…well, I’m just sitting here hopin’ and prayin’ I’m not one of them. Whatever happens, though, will be for the best. The Lord is in control!


Elder Leach

P.S. This may be Heavenly Father’s funny way of telling me I can’t get everything I want. I mean, my original entry date was June 17th in the Johannesburg MTC which was changed a few weeks later to June 16th in the Provo MTC because of $4,000 ticket prices…we can blame the World Cup for that 😉 Then it changed to May 6th at the Johannesburg MTC per a–cough cough– certain young man’s request, then changed to May 5th at the Provo MTC after being informed my VISA would not be processed in time.

Fun times!!! 🙂



  1. Sorry Bobalooney!

  2. Oh Matt, I certainly hope everything gets cleared up soon so what is meant to be, happens!

  3. I find this all extremely ironic and irony always makes me laugh 🙂

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