Posted by: elderleach | May 14, 2010

“…Like a Tranquilized Chimpanzee”

          This is Elder Leach’s mama speaking. We got his first hand-written letter in the mail a few days ago and I jumped up and down in the kitchen kissing it, savoring that special excitement before opening it!! Now I’m finally ready to share it with you…
          “Dearest and sweetest Parents of mine, (Oh my goodness, isn’t he the best son ever? It was dated on his birthday, May 6th)
          First of all, mother–cry no more! What a wonderful and inspired place the MTC is! It’s reverence is only comparable to that of the temple or church services. I am finding over and over again I have the best district ever. There are eight elders in my district and I would be able to handle–in fact, MORE than handle–every one of them as my companions.
          I am a senior companion to Elder Rogers from Sammamish, WA. He too, by no coincidence at all, is going to the South Africa Cape Town Mission. He got his call in January and has yet to receive his VISA. We were both called down to the travel office today with high hopes for good news about our VISA’s! Alas, we were just given extra nametags–still no word on our exit date here, but Elder Rogers and I have been praying diligently for a miracle.
Elder Rogers is spoiling me. He is the nicest, most courteous and most motivated companion I could have ever hoped for. No need to remind me these companionships won’t happen all the time, I’m just relishing in his obedient spirit and kindness. I no doubt repay him–I ironed his shirt this evening! 🙂
          So, there is a downside to this MTC experience–gym time! (We discussed this before he left and he was nervous about it.) Oh deary dearest dear, folks. Gym time, in the most simple sense, is a doozy. I am an awkward, scrawny little Elder and I have no interest in anything that requires me to move at fast, long dinstance, or abrupt paces. That leaves volleyball, but there were too many playing, so that left four square. Oh boy, was that an interesting experience. I was flailing my boney arms around like a tranquilized chimpanzee, yet I am sure that even in it’s tranquilized state, that chimp could play a simple game of four square. (I love it!)
          I lie not when I confess my athletic ability has decreased just when I thought it couldn’t decrease any more! So Elder Rogers and I met up with Elder Black in our district, a short but stocky Elder who, by word of his scrawny companion, is a “beast in the gym.” I suddenly had a brilliant idea! Elder Rogers and Black have agreed to help me weight lift and do cardio exercises in the workout facility here! I’m game. Anything that gets me away from four-square. 🙂
          Well folks, this is it. I am here. Any regrets so far? None. All the temptation to blog, facebook or youtube is gone. Never once have I desired to use the computer! (Wow, that’s quite an accomplishment right there, haha!)
My sense of humor is still alive, I’m just as nerdy and uncoordinated as before. The only difference is what I can feel. And if this is what it feels like to do and be good, I never want to trun to my evil ways ever again!
          With much profound love, Elder Matthew G. Leach


  1. Oh my, I am never left bored with any interaction, in person or via email by our dear Elder Leach. I am so proud of you! (him) I’m not sure whether this is going through mama leach or straight to Elder Leach. I presume that Elder Leach can’t get this directly. We are so lucky to know him!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with the rest of us. I had to relay the ‘tranquilized chimpanzee’ portion to my husband as I was laughing so hard reading it! So glad to hear Matt’s doing well and, other than the gym portion, really enjoying himself.

  3. Dittoes to Tracy’s comments. Thank You for sharing this. It was an uplifting and joyous read.

  4. Hahaha Matthew is still Matthew, though i’ve gone swimming with him and i don’t remember him being nearly as scrawny as he makes himself out to be, however, i can attest to his lack of coordination as i am cursed with the same ailment and have always found comfort in his equally uncoordinated presence. I have a letter for Matthew, if only i could remember to mail it…I was religious about writing to Kasey on his mission, however i only got around to mailing his letters about once every 3 or 4 months and then i’d mail them one day at a time so he’d get one a day for about two weeks. Matt will probably get the same thing from me.

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