Posted by: elderleach | May 19, 2010

What Are the Odds?!

May 8th & 9th 2010

(We received this hand-written letter the same day as the previous e-mail one week after he left.)

This is my second letter in the space of two days. I don’t see this as enough of an opportunity to express my love for you… but I take whatever time is given to me to update you all on the happenings here at the Provo MTC.

We as missionaries are instructed not to dwell on negative things so I won’t. It’s easy not to because there are very few, if any, “negative,” per se, aspects of missionary training. But I must express my incredible lack of knowledge and teaching ability, and I am quite humbled to say this. Missionary work, I’ve already found, is so very challenging, but I am SUCH a better teacher today than I was when I first entered the MTC on Wednesday. Why? It’s much easier to be led by the Spirit here than in the real world for sure.

I am learning lots! Let me just say it almost appears as if I know nothing of myself, but know everything of the Spirit! What a concept! I have already had moments of discouragement, but they have been brief and only when I teach after my own knowledge. As for myself, I am nothing. As for the Spirit of the Lord, I can accomplish whatsoever thing the Lord would have me do.

Homesickness? Nah…not at all. I know why I’m here and the people with whom I will share the Lord’s love, so why would I desire to be anywhere else? Now, family sickness, while still not strong yet, is here from time to time. Mainly because our message is centered on families. I love you all, but do not want to see you until my –excuse me!– THE LORD’s work is done. If I see your loveable faces before my service is completed, that means something went wrong.

Gym, hallelujah, was excellent on Friday! Elder Rogers and I ran 13 laps on the indoor track and did other weight exercises with Elder Schwarzenegger–I mean, Elder Black. How much did I lift? Not important 😉 What is important, however, is that I am thoroughly sore and reminded of how physically pathetic I really am. But I know that Heavenly Father still loves physically pathetic Elders. In fact, I’m his favorite! Haha

Elder Rogers and I discuss frequently and unhealthily about the status of our VISA’s and how we may more than likely serve a couple months in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin mission with the rest of the Elders in our district. Of course, I am so antsy to head out, but the Lord is in charge. If I didn’t know that, it’d be a lot harder to come to terms with a delayed arrival to South Africa.

So, something funny, but so incredibly awkward happened today! I figured you might enjoy this. So Elder Rogers and I were in the dinner line and we talked about how we thought it commendable that Elder Kimball was fasting today. I commented, “Fasting at the MTC would be so hard! The smell of the food makes it impossible NOT to eat!”

“Oh, I know,” Elder Rogers said.

“I’d probably get really irritable, actually,” I said jokingly. “In fact, I probably would stop opening doors for missionaries and say, ‘You can open it for yourself, you have hands!'”

Just as I said that last sentence, an Elder with one arm walked by. WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!!??? Yeah right, AS IF a one-armed missionary would walk by right as I make that comment! Ugh. Watch what you say and do! You NEVER know who is standing near!


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