Posted by: elderleach | May 23, 2010

Do Not Despair

The same day I received Matt’s “Very Disappointed” letter, I received his FBI Clearance letter in the mail! That was the key piece holding back his VISA. I immediately called the MTC travel office and overnight expressed the important document. The next day we received a phone call from Elder Leach HIMSELF telling us that his VISA is approved and he will depart for South Africa on Wednesday. His original departure date was Monday, so it’s delayed only two days. There is a down side, however: He will have to travel internationally ALONE! AHHHH!!! We are all nervous about that because Matt is profoundly directionally impaired. I’m not exaggerating. He gets lost is Silverdale! But I have no doubt that Heavenly Father will send angels in the form of other passengers just at the right times to give him guidance, comfort, direction, and encouragement. And I’ve told him, when in doubt, ASK. (Everyone remember him in your prayers, okay? Haha!)



  1. Elder Leach is in our prayers!!!! I hope that my son grows up to become an nice young man like Matt.

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