Posted by: elderleach | May 28, 2010


I’m not so good about writing in a journal because I don’t feel like I’m writing to anyone. This way, knowing someone else will read this, I feel more productive. I know, this is a weirdo way of thinking, but… I’m a wierdo, so that makes perfect sense, right? 😉
Please know I love you all and miss you. Not a day has gone by where I have forgotten about you. That’s true love! I’m serving the people of South Africa for 1)God and Jesus Christ 2) the African people, 3) Myself 4) YOU! Remember, I’m not out here to help convert people to the “Mormon Church.” I’m out here to help convert them to Christ! Isn’t that so, so cool? Please continue to pray unceasingly for me. I need your strength SO much. Just so you know, I pray for you! And my Johnny!
As I was saying in my prayers last night, I prayed specifically for him. Afer the prayer I remained on my knees and contemplated what I had just told my Heavenly Father. (This is the best way I get answers!) I began to invision myself on a beach in Cape Town, or somewhere along the South African coastline, with John. He was dressed in the purest white and he gave me a wide, healthy smile. We walked towards the Atlantic Ocean and eventually found ourselves waist deep in the warm water. I perfromed the baptismal prayer in my head and then immersed him in the water, bringing him back up again. We embraced and that was it.
I’m pretty sure I made myslef think what I did. The details and happiness was so distinct, however, so it’s tough to say. My dream is to teach John what I know to be true and to have him enter the waters of baptism. This is a worthy goal, correct?


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