Posted by: elderleach | July 21, 2010

More Pictures!

1) Some of my African mamas! Haha, we just asked for permission to take their photo because #1 I knew Mom would like it and #2 the beebee is so cute!
2) Cleaning out a shed in Robololo (township) for Sidebe. That took some work, but I’ve cleaned my room before so it wasn’t that big of a deal 😉
3) Another view of our beautiful jungle-esque working environment!
1) Some wonderful investigators with baptismal dates for next month! L-R: Don, Me, Zakalia (Zakalia helped Elder Austin get cleaned up after fainting in their home and taking a bucket of dirty water down with him 😉 I want you to meet Zakalia. He is such a strong Spirit!)
2) Dusty township road
3) Recent convert Sister Julia Sokupa and I. She is a Xhosa woman, but speaks English very well. Her personality reminds me SO much of Evie! Very energetic, excited about life and a great story teller. We actually just saw Sister Sokupa while shopping today!

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