Posted by: elderleach | September 6, 2010

Power of Music

“May I share my testimony on the Hymns? In my opinion, music is the most powerful way somebody can know of Gospel truths. If I weren’t a member of this church, I don’t know if scriptures or even prayer would do it for me. But music? Oh my word, it hits me deep to the core…THAT is where my relationship starts with God–through the Hymns.
We were struggling this week with getting investigators of the church to commit to things. There is this one man we’ve been seeing that is assisting in carving a Nativity set for my mother. His name is Hlanganani (good luck pronouncing that properly, and no…the “H” and “L” are not pronounced like you think it is ;)) and he’s a pretty laid back, tall and bulky man from Zimbabwe who he has been sitting in on our lessons.
We taught him about the importance of coming to church. At the end of the lesson, he said enthusiastically “I’ll come! I promise I’ll come to church.” This response surprised me, since most of what he has said to us has been less than enthusiastic. We wanted to believe he would come to church, but didn’t want to get our hopes up (Ahh! Lack of faith! That’s lethal, folks!)
On Sunday, to our utter joy and jubulation, we saw him walk in, take a seat and pick up a Hymn book next to him. He began scrolling through the pages, stopping every once in a while, reading the words. After greeting him, I went over to the piano and began playing the prelude music 10 minutes before the meeting started. From the looks of it he enjoyed church, but I doubted that he REALLY enjoyed it because he didn’t stay the whole 3 hours.
We met with him at his shop after church and asked him how church went. He beamed and said, “I loved it, man! I loved it!” Elder Gilbert and I were taken aback, and then asked him why. He paused and started to hum a melody. My mouth sprung open in amazement as he hummed the melody “Sweet Hour of Prayer” (Hymn #142) to me with perfect pitch. I asked him,
“Hlanganani, where did you learn that?!”
He responded, “At church! You were playing it before church started,” Still shocked, I remained silent as Hlanganani just looked at me, waiting for me to say something.
“But we never sang that song,” I replied. “You remember me playing it?”
He smiled big again and said, “Yes! When you played that song–” and at this moment he clutched his chest and then motioned up to heaven “–I felt my soul lifted up and said to myself, ‘I have been here before’.”
Tears almost came to my eyes…almost! 😉 He then told all of his friends to come to church so they can sing those songs. He then looked back at me and said, “And I will stay the whole 3 hours next time, too! Can you teach me more songs?”
So we sat in his market, him, all his friends and us missionaries, facing an open field that displayed South Africa’s visually stunning landscape and sang “Sweet Hour of Prayer” together.
I have strong testimony of the power of the Hymns. Music brings the Holy Spirit in a room faster than words can. It can elevate a soul and establish that relationship with Heavenly Father we’re all searching for. I encourage you to listen to the Hymns, read the words, and let the Spirit confirm those truths to you”.
1. Delicious scones and Leonie and Fiona’s house. Next to us is Charles Bokuwa from Malawi, a member we often bring to lessons with us. These scones reminded me of home! They are called: “Fat cook” here. Haha
2. Me at The Heads in Knysna!
3. Calming the raging waters


  1. Elder Leach, Wonderful story, thanks for sharing. The simple pure things allow the Spirit to testify strongly. Listen to the Spirit and marvel at our Heavenly Father’s love for his children. I know you are experiencing this great miracle 8 )

    Great job! keep up the great work!

    Uncle Bruce

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