Posted by: elderleach | January 22, 2011

Breif Thoughts on Dark Nights‏

NOTE: Elder Leach’s Mama apologizes for posting this late. This is from Monday, Jan 17, but her computer had a virus and running slowly until now. She promises to do better with the next update (in a few days.)
HELLO EVERYON! Ok, I have found a bit of time to write a few thoughts I have had this week. But there are just a few.
This week has been very rough. I’ll just say it, I did not enjoy the frustration I have felt. There were times earlier this week that I felt so down and discouraged I just wanted to lock myself up in the apartment alone and just pray the whole entire day. It seemed to me, though the sun was beating down hard on my head in the Lord’s service, I was alone and that this missionary work has been all on my shoulders, and that is an exhausting thought.
Let me just say, through such rigorous prayer I have felt the light of Day enter into my heart, ever so slowly, which has enabled me to be stronger and more willing to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I have been paired up with a tedious companion, but one whom the Lord loves dearly. I have been praying earnestly for a vision on how to love him the way Christ most assuredly does.
The Lord doesn’t take away our burdens, he carrys them with us to make it easier to bear. Though times are tough and the my own personal sun inside of me seems to set too soon on the days of my service to the Lord, I know he is there walking with me bearing me up. I know there are others facing much worse situations right now and that I need to stop focusing on ME. Heaven forbid I turn into the ME monster! 😉 I must “forget myself and go to work”.
So that is what I will do. Keep working, keep loving and keep serving my Master and I pray, that in return, his love will flow through me and help other people along the way.

Elder Matthew G. Leach
South Africa Cape Town Mission


1) This cute old lady in the branch kept feeding us so many cookies, I had to resort to putting them in my socks! This was a desparate situation, she literally WOULDN’T stop and wouldn’t take no for an answer! I’m not a bad person, am I? 😉

2) View of a HUGE smoke plume outside our flats. There are so many wildfires here, we wake up to them every morning! =O

3) Elder Maja and Elder Grobler, the other two missionaries in Paarl (Both from South Africa, too!)

4) “The Tree of Life” 1 Nephi 8 (Die Boom van Lewe– dee/ boo-um/ fan/ lee-uh-vuh) We drew this for the kids we are teaching!


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