Posted by: elderleach | March 16, 2011


Howdy everyone! People here aren’t quite sure what that means, but it’s funny to see their confused faces as they try to interpret it!
Something pretty stinkin’ adorable is, lots of the chubby little kids here will speak Xhosa to me after shouting “Mulungu!” (That is, being interpreted, ‘White Man’!). I will then proclaim an obvious statement back at them along the lines of, “Black child!” and then I’ll speak gibberish with a few random clicks here and there. They giggle hesitantly as if they should’ve understood what I said, but didn’t. We then go back and forth: they speak Xhosa to me, I speak my own little click language back at them. Oh, it’s so fun.
Anyway, this week has been a good one. This week has been a pretty typical missionary week, with experiences that I’ve recorded in my journal. One of the things I’ve noticed as a theme this week, however, is: the weather! Most people that we teach know that I’m obsessed with big storms and other natural spectacles that Mother Nature preforms. Elder Nkala and I walked into a home one day and some of the family members looked very serious. They said, “Did you here about that wave that crashed into Japan?”
My heart dropped, as we know quite a few families living in and coming from Japan. “No, missionaries don’t watch the news!” They then filled me in on what they knew about that tragic natural disaster. That evening, dark clouds rolled into Port Elizabeth, one of the stormiest locations on the South African coastline. From 7:00 PM-9:00 PM, a thunder and lightning show unlike any I had ever experienced flashed and rumbled all around us. Of course, I was all giddy inside and figured I was in heaven, but everyone else ran from the streets to their homes.
South Africans (well, Africans in general) are very superstitious, especially when it comes to weather. But us Americans? Well, we go out and chase those thangs! So, Elder Nkala and I went out to the highway, pulled off the side of the road and took brilliant pictures of flashes of lightning. In fact, I had Elder Nkala take a video of me doing a weather report with the lightning flashing every two seconds or so behind me and strong winds pushing me in various directions. It was the most exciting thing I have experienced weather-wise!
However, days later, members and investigators rebuked us for doing such things: “Don’t you know that’s dangerous?!” they all scolded.
“Yes, that’s why we filmed it!” I said. And then, two days after that, we had another violent storm and I was literally feet away from being struck! It was a little bolt, and I caught it on camera, but wow…that was a close one 😉
Anyway, we’re preparing about 4 people to be baptized in April, and one a day after my birthday in May. We get news of changes tonight or tomorrow, so by next Monday I should have some news (if there is any!).

I love you all, and I hope you take a moment to cherish the wonderful things you have. For God giveth, and He taketh away. Love every moment, cherish every hour!

Elder Matthew G. Leach
South Africa Cape Town Mission


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