Posted by: elderleach | April 29, 2011

Transfer News: I Guess I’m Meant to be a Trainer!‏

“Gooooood morning, cougs!” Oh how I miss that Friday morning school broadcast. Those were the days! There are two senior missionaries in our area, Elder and Sister Taylor from Salt Lake City, UT. Elder Taylor always says, “Maybe you’ll be transferred to KSL in Salt Lake next?” (KSL is a broadcast news station). Haha  Everybody knows, just as they did at CK High School, that I want to be an anchorman. 😉
Actually, dreaming of having that profession has waned significantly since I have been on my mission. From an early age broadcast news has been an intense fascination of mine. It hasn’t been until very recently that I figured out why. I just love to teach. When it came to weather, it wasn’t about being on camera, it was teaching other people about weather. When it came to piano, it wasn’t about how well I could preform, but giving others the opportunity to learn (I taught piano from age 14 until I left on my mission!).
I love studying the gospel, and teaching it is exhilarating. A little more than half of my mission so far has been training, and yesterday President Probst informed me of yet another “mission son”. I have been asked to train someone from Springville, Utah named Elder Kevin Critchfield. I chuckled to myself and told the mission president, “Well…I guess I’m just meant to be a trainer!”
I was kind of hoping for a change, like district leader or something, but this is where the Lord needs me. I absolutely love training, though, and I am thankful the Lord has entrusted me with yet another new missionary. If anything, this has increased my love for the gospel as I’ve been able to teach and refine new skills as a trainer.
Elder Nkala has been transferred to Katatura, Namibia and he’s very excited about that dramatic change! He said he really wanted to go there.
Ah, what a marvelous gospel. My dream is to study the gospel and teach it to others, and if I can do that for the rest of my life then my dream will be fulfilled. Better yet, let that calling extend to the eternities! 😉
Elder Nkala and I experienced many wonderful blessings this last week together, one of which was a baptism of one of our golden investigators, Siyabulela Myeki. He described his experience as “peaceful, calm and an experience [he wishes] to experience over and over again”. He’s 21, but is now looking forward to serving a mission of his own.
Unfortunately, the other baptismal candidate, Asanda, didn’t quite make it to the waters of baptism, as she felt unprepared to make that commitment. It’s OK, though, we’ll continue to work with her.
Well, here’s to a new 6 weeks of adventure with two white American boys in an all black Xhosa township! Haha, oh man I can’t wait for all the stories that will come out of this! 😉 Go Team Leach/Critchfield!
I love you all. This restored gospel has the power to transform lives and the redeeming sacrifice of our Lord and Savior has the power to make wrongs right and ease the pain and suffering of His afflicted ones. The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ and His “other sheep not of this fold”. There is a living prophet on the earth today, even Thomas S. Monson. This church is organized by the same power and authority that existed on the earth in the days of our Lord, even twelve apostles and Quorums of Seventy.
Search. Ponder. Pray! Then will the truth be made known.

Elder Matthew G. Leach
South Africa Cape Town Mission


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