Posted by: elderleach | June 13, 2011

Waiting for VISA

Oh my mama and tata (“dad” in Xhosa), family and friends!!! So good, as always, to hear from you 🙂 I’m not sure how disappointed you will be to hear this, but I am not in Namibia…yet. President Probst has sent me to an area near Cape Town called Somerset West. It’s a beautiful area and we are actually teaching white people for a change (one is being baptized on Wednesday named Petrus Dekoker!!), but this is apparently temporary while I wait…and wait…and wait for my VISA to come through. Remember that? A little over a year ago I went through the same VISA thing with South Africa (darn World Cup!), and now it’s happening again 😉 What can ya do. The Lord wants me here in Cape Town for a little bit…I can do that!

Somerset West is a mix of Afrikaans and English. The Bishop is Bishop Sanders who got married to a woman from Vancouver and was sealed in the Seattle Temple! What are the odds. The ward is mostly white, but there are a quite a few Zimbabweans in the mix with a dash of Xhosa spice here and there. The work is great and I’m excited to serve. Of course, I am dying to head off to Namibia and I haven’t received even the slightest bit of news. President said I should only have to wait up to 2 weeks, so by next week maybe I’ll get there?

I saw Elder Balmforth, my beloved mission son, at the mission home! He’s still in the office. It looks like he’s having fun, but he kinda wants to head out of there. He has to train a new elder coming into the office and he seems a bit stressed about that, but I’m sure he’ll do well.

I have learned many great things these past several days: patience, hard work and increased love! It’s hard to get to know an area you’ll be serving in for only a couple weeks, because I get attached to things and people so easily and I know it will be hard to leave. My temp companion is Elder Howard from Provo, Utah. He’s great!

Well, I love you all. It seems like each time someone slams down the Book of Mormon, my testimony strengthens. A member of this ward told us elders a couple days ago, “The Anti-Mormon material these days is high powered stuff. A family in the church of 12 years has left because of some stuff they read. Why are people so gullible and easily fooled after already gaining a testimony of this gospel?” I agree with him. Study the Book of Mormon, pray to our Heavenly Father and partake of the sacrament each week so none of us will be fooled by the lies and blasphemy the world is putting out there. I’ve served the Lord too hard and too long to deny what I know to be true.

I love my Heavenly Father, I love His Son, Jesus Christ and I love the Comforter He sent to be our guide and mentor in this often turbulent life. Thank you all for your love and support. I greatly appreciate it!!!!!


Elder Leach


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