Posted by: elderleach | June 20, 2011

Waiting…and waiting…and waiting some more!‏

Hello family and friends! What a week. You may be a tad disappointed about the lack of action and drama this week because I am still waiting for my VISA to Namibia.

I consider myself a very patient person. For heaven’s sake, I taught piano lessons for 5 years before my mission which trained me very well to be patient and understanding.  But if there is one thing that I don’t do very well, it’s waiting; waiting for something that may or may not come.  I know without a shadow of a doubt our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ WILL come to reign again on this Earth. But when I’m asked to wait for a VISA into a very foreign country that has issues with trust as it is, I get nervous. I can’t say I am able to display the same kind of faith.

Each morning this past week I have woken up wondering, “Is the call coming today?” I will go out into the area only thinking about “what if?” this and “what if?” that. Ask my mother, I’ve always been this way. (*Mother’s Note: Yes, this is very true!) There are currently 4 missionaries running 10 areas in the Namibia, and one of those missionaries is my mission stepson, Elder Nkala! I know it must be hard on them as well, because they have to sacrifice their time to tend to all the areas we can’t reach at this moment.

I’m not sure if I mentioned my experience in the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center or not, but I was held there and extra week because I was having VISA issues entering South Africa (honestly, what is so darn intimidating about my face and fingerprints that these countries won’t let me in?!). That extra week, it being my fourth, in the MTC was wonderful, but quite difficult at the same time. I now know why I was made to wait there as many miracles followed, including the approval of my VISA, but I still worried about when the call would come. But the call DID come!

As difficult as this whole waiting process is, I know whatever happens will be for the best. I rebuked myself last night (silently of course ;)) for thinking only about myself this week. Honestly, it was a very self centered week for me and I am not so proud of that. I am learning to not have the “I’m a temp” attitude and rather work just as hard as I would if I were in Namibia right now. Patience is a divine virtue, and I hope to continue to grow and work at it.

Other than waiting nervously this week, it has been a pretty good week. We have wonderful investigators who, through diligent prayer and scripture study, are learning how to seek the truth for themselves. We did have one 26 year old investigator tell us, however, “I can’t join your church because my mom won’t let me.” What the heck?! The truth is out there; seek it! Search, ponder and request an answer from our loving Heavenly Father, and just as surely as the sun rises each morning, the answer will come. Maybe not in the time frame you want it (and believe me, I know ALL about waiting for prayers to be answered!) but it will come.

I love you all! Please pray for those hard working elders in Namibia and, if you have extra room on your prayer list, please include a prayer that the Namibian government will continue to accept VISAS so that this marvelous work will continue to roll forth.


Elder Matthew G. Leach
South Africa Cape Town Mission




1. The Kwa Magxaki Chapel

2. Siyabulela Myeki and his family my last day in Kwa Magxaki. I had the privilege of knocking on his door, teaching him and baptizing him! He is a great guy!

3. Elder Critchfield and I posing for a picture with a young boy named Olwethu. He doesn’t speak English very well, but he was dying to get a picture with some Mulungus! (white people)


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