Posted by: capetownelder | September 13, 2011

You Are Now Entering: NAMIBIA!

Well howdy family and friends! I’ve done it! Through a complete miracle no doubt orchestrated under the hand of God, my Visa and 3 others were approved to enter the blessed country of Namibia, one that I knew very little about when I first came into the mission field.

I was called Friday evening by the assistants to the mission president and the conversation went something like this:

“Hey Elder Leach, how are you?”


“Wonderful. How’s your family?”

“Cut it out with the questions, guys! Why did you call?”

“Sheesh…calm down! We just want to know how your family is doing!”

“I’ll tell you AFTER you tell me why you called!”

“Well…pack your bags, you’re leaving for Namibia at 7 in the morning!”



And then in the background you could here my mission president and his wife just busting up laughing. I knew the assistants were messing around with me so I wanted them to cut to the chase! When they call, you know something is up and I was expecting travel plans πŸ™‚

So what’s Namibia like, you ask? Well, I am living in the capital city, Windhoek (pronounced Vind-hook…it’s Afrikaans) which is a lot more city like than you’d think. It’s certainly no Seattle in any way whatsoever, but considering where I am, it is an impressively busy, fairly good-sized city (though by American standards we may term it more a large town ;)). The weather is blazing hot, it being a desert climate. It can get to 120 degrees in the summer (which is right now) with no problem. Hey, at least I’ll get a nice tan!

My area of missionary service is in an area called Khomasdal in the Katutura Branch, which consists of a little over 100 members, most of which are between the ages of 18 and 30. The Windhoek Branch, located in city center, is nearly a ward and has about 150 members. The Windhoek chapel is a nice, brick building… a fairly standard chapel, while the one in Katutura is a large pre-school-type building with curtains separating the class rooms. Because there are only 4 missionaries up here, my companion, Elder Chatora from South Africa, and I are working all 3 areas in the Katutura Branch and the Windhoek missionaries are working 2 in the city. So yes…we’re quite busy!

The homes in Windhoek central are huge and spacious with many German/Afrikaans people living there. As you might imagine, missionary work is a little more difficult in that part of town. In my area, it is a hilly, mountainous township with cement homes and humble living conditions. As you all know, that is what I prefer πŸ™‚ I just love the township! When I was serving in Kwa Magxaki, I had to look in the mirror to remind myself that I’m not a local! πŸ˜‰ Looks like I’ll have the same problem here πŸ™‚

I have sent pictures and they will be posted on the blog so you can get a visual, but due to time, let me just say this…I love, love, love these people already. These are special, special people. The Spirit has borne witness to my soul that these are choice souls. How honored I am to work with them, feel of their strength and conversion and have that in turn help me in my daily life. I thank Heavenly Father for loving me enough to let me struggle the past 3 months in Cape Town, where I grew and refined so many personally rugged things in my life. And how blessed I am to continue the refining process in Namibia, the land flowing with milk and honey πŸ™‚

I thank all of you for your prayers and support. How I wish all of you could be here to see and feel what I see and feel. This is a little taste of heaven I’ll always remember,

Love you all!

Elder Leach



  1. Elder Leach, I am so very happy for you, that you are finally in Namabia. The people are so blessed to have you there and you are blessed to be there.
    It’s all in the Lord’s due time. Take care, we love you…Bro and Sis Cunningham.

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