Posted by: capetownelder | November 14, 2011

4 Countries in One Room

Hello family and friends! Hope it’s been another fortunate week this week. Namibia is still hot, yes, and I am sure Washington is still cold and wet? 🙂 It’s November, so it must mean rain. Namibia’s rainy season starts in December (yeah…I WOULD know that! It’s the first question I asked!) and lasts until February with heavy rain and thunderstorms. Ah! Can’t wait.

So here’s the spiritual thought for today. We’re teaching this wonderful woman in a location called Wanaheda (Vah-nuh-hay-duh) and she’s been to church a few times. Her current struggle is accepting the Book of Mormon (a common struggle in these parts. A so-called “American Book” is not as happily received over here in the Eastern Hemisphere as it is in the Western!). Her question was actually something along the lines of, “How do I know this wasn’t written by some man trying to deceive all who read it?”

Well, the obvious answer is, “Read the Book just as you did the Bible!” but that answer won’t always suffice. Superstition and false rumors can get the best of people sometimes and they need an extra push to turn it’s pages. My mind immediately reflected on an experience I had in Cape Town before I came up here. I was in a room with my Austrailian companion, my South African companion, our Congolese fellowshipper and our Burundian investigator. This investigator struggled to accept the Book of Mormon, so we all bore our testimonies. After that experience, I said, “You just heard 4 testimonies representing 4 countries that the Book of Mormon is true!” His confidence grew that this is a universal church and he progressed to baptism.

Now this wonderful woman was struggling with answers. We did the same thing. I bore my testimony, as did my South African companion, our Namibian fellowshipper and our other fellowshipper, an Angolan. This is what I love about serving in Africa! There are so many countries meeting under one roof sharing one message: that He lives! That the Book of Mormon is an authentic record! I said to this woman, “You have just heard 4 testimonies representing 4 countries that the Book of Mormon is true!”

Tears immediately came to her eyes. There was silence in the room for a little while, then she said, “Yes, I know this Book is true. I’ve just been trying to find ways to disbelieve it. But now I know!”

I can bare you my testimony that the Book of Mormon is truth. It answers the great questions of the soul and heals open wounds. I promise that if you read even so much as a page of this marvelous book, you will experience the mighty change that so many of these wonderful African saints have experienced. May the Lord bless all of you and your growing testimonies!

Love ya,

Elder Leach


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