Posted by: capetownelder | February 20, 2012


Hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t write a blog post last week, I ran out of time. It was a busy day as I had just arrived in Cape Town to await my new assignment with my new companion. I have been called to be a trainer again, this time in a very English town called “Grahamstown”. Most of its members are Xhosas, though, thanks to the township which is not too far away. The Grahamstown Branch is a predominantly YSA branch (I keep getting lucky with these awesome YSA units on my mission!) which consists of maybe 30 active people (yeah, not too big, eh?) although this time of year, many of the township members live in town at Rhodes University, as Grahamstown is pretty well defined as a “college town”.

I’m on bikes with my new companion, Elder Alexander from Pretoria, South Africa. He’s a great missionary who has strong roots in the church. Of course, this week we had a few classic greenie/trainer moments. For instance, we had some extra time during the day on Thursday, so we knocked a few doors. Before we knocked one of them, I said, “Ok, you’ve got this one!” I knocked the door, and a white Afrikaans man pulled back the curtains to look outside. We waved at him, then he closed the curtains and started opening the door.

“Um…actually you can do this one!” Elder Alexander whispered frantically just as the door opened. I stared at this grumpy Afrikanner for maybe 3 seconds before finally saying, “Uh…hey, we’re missionaries from…”

“NO THANK YOU!” he said and closed the door. Haha, if nothing else, at least it brought us a good laugh. Grahamstown is SUPER hilly, so yeah…it’s been quite the work out these past few days going up and down some MEAN hills. But of course, what goes up must come down and the downhill rides are definitely worth it.

You’d never believe one of our star fellowshippers is a 15 year old young Xhosa boy named Liech. Haha, can you believe it? Pronounced the same way and everything. So, you can imagine how knocking doors sounds:

“Hi, my name is Elder Leach, and this here is Liech.”
“Excuse me?”
“Never mind…may we come in your home and share a message about Jesus Christ with you?”

We also have a WONDERFUL senior couple here; Elder and Sister Nye from Oklahoma. They feed us twice a week and help us out so much. Elder Nye is the branch president here and is such a tremendous help.

Overall, I am loving my time here and will soak in every last minute I have with the area, my new companion and the members.

Have a great week!
Elder Leach


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