Posted by: elderleach | February 29, 2012

Package and Grahamstown

First of all, thanks mom for the package you sent. It got here safely with all of the little goodies inside 🙂 Thanks so much for the cool music system you sent! It’s so fun and portable! We went on a branch hike this weekend and I brought it along and it was a hit 😉 Also, loving the candy! So is my comp.

I’m  also loving Grahamstown! Like I mentioned last time, it’s a predominately YSA branch with the coolest senior couple in charge. President Nye, the branch president from Oklahoma, just loves the members and will do anything for them. I have been so impressed with his Christlike love and service he has shown.

So you’d never guess what Elder Alexander and I have implemented here in the Grahamstown Branch? PIANO LESSONS! Haha. Can you believe it? Elder Alexander and I taught piano back home to save for our missions (he’s from Pretoria, South Africa) and we thought it a good idea to send around a sign up sheet last week at church for certain times to learn the piano! But there was a catch…always a catch 🙂 For every member who signed up, they had to agree to bring a friend as well. This resulted in us receiving 4 member referrals and when we invited each investigator piano student to also learn more about the gospel, all of them agreed. It has been so exciting to see this finding tool work!

ALSO, get this…we’re starting a scripture study class here, but it won’t be at a member’s home…it won’t be at the church…no, we can do better than that! We had a member reserve the Arts Minor Lecture Hall at Rhodes University every Thursday evening for our study classes! Haha. The lecture hall seats 97 people and apparently it has a gigantic white board, perfect for me since I love talking and writing 😉 But can you believe it? Teaching the New Testament (using James E. Talmage’s “Jesus the Christ” as our main reference with the Bible and Book of Mormon) in a LECTURE HALL? Haha, my dream has come true much sooner than I imagined. Now, we know 97 people won’t come…but…still! It’ll be a fun environment nonetheless.

Elder Alexander and I agree it is imperative to have fun whilst finding. You must! There’s no other option! Heck no are we going to knock doors 8 hours a day! To heck with twiddling our thumbs and picking our noses as we search this college town for people to teach! We’ve devised a few ways to gather in the Lord’s sheep through fun activities that exposes what the Church is really about, and each of these finding activities has members involved, which is key.

I don’t seem to bear my testimony enough in my letters because I assume you know how I feel, but let me just say I have never known the Gospel in such clarity as I have grown to know it out here in the field. I have never literally felt the Lord work in my life like I’ve felt him out here. I’ve never experienced revelation, inspiration and divine guidance like I’ve experienced it out here. I’ve never felt such charity for any one person or group of people like I have felt it out here. I love this work and I know it’s true. What more do I need to say? In order for any young man or woman to know the Church is true, they need to experience it, they need to get their hands dirty, their shoes worn, and their clothes torn to understand how much work missionary work really is. And it is the best, most intense work I have ever been involved in.

I love you!

Elder Leach


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