Posted by: capetownelder | March 26, 2012


Hello everyone! How’s it? When I first came here to South Africa, I’d ask myself, “How’s what?” It took some getting used to 😉

Well this week was great. A little slower than the past few, but still great. I have been loving the bikes, since I spent most of my mission in a car, but one of the downfalls is we seem to need to go to the bike repair shop weekly, if not more. So by now they know us by name, and luckily they’re good at fixing things…such as a broken chain.

Elder Alexander and I finished our 6:00 pm appointment a little early, but we were in the “coloured area”, (remember, that IS politically correct to say here!), which is typically the most dangerous (and drunk) part of the town, and the sun is going down earlier these days, so we decided to make our way down the “mammoth hill” to a safer part of town before it got too late.

We peddled against the wind and eventually it turned into a race (this is a usual occurrence on the bikes). Before we could have too much fun, a car whizzed around a bend 50 feet ahead of us and flashed its brights as it increased in speed. Without apparent cause or reason, the old beater veered onto our side of the road and was coming straight for us. My initial reaction was to squeeze the brakes and stop peddling. The car continued to rumble and growl as it raced up the road we were going down and I must admit…my heart stopped. Luckily with several feet to spare, the car corrected it’s deathly course and went back to the left side of the road. I let out a sigh and realized in all the rush of thoughts and feelings I didn’t pray! You would think that’d be the FIRST thing I’d do!

Anyway, whether it was fear or an adrenaline rush, Elder Alexander proceeded to peddle harder than ever before on the highest gears down the hill. I thought he was still attempting to run away from the car which was already out of sight, but I also increased my speed to catch up with him. All of a sudden I heard a *SNAP* and then sparks coming from Elder Alexander’s bike.

He looked behind him, let out a yelp and continued to pedal, even though he wasn’t getting any farther from the sparks. I burst into laughter (whether it was unjustifiable or not! ;)) as I saw sparks fly out from under his bike. It wasn’t until we went under a street light that I saw he had broken his bike chain and that it was flapping under the bike creating all the sparks. He eventually came to a stop and there we were…towards the entrance of the coloured area with a broken bike chain. Great!

We walked our bikes back home with angels no doubt protecting our every move along the way. When we arrived at our flat I reached in my pocket. Oh no. I reached in the other pocket. OH NO! I reached in the first pocket again. OH HECK NO! Where were our flat keys? I called the investigator whom we just left in the coloured area and after checking his living room, sure enough I left them there. Whew!

We called Elder Romney and Elder Kyuvi to come pick us up and take us to the location and get our keys since there was no way we’d walk back up to the location without the protection of a car. Finally, we got the keys and made it back home safely.

I know the Lord watches after his missionaries! I have felt and seen His hand in so many instances, and I feel blessed to have been in his service. Plus, it’s moments like these that make good mission stories 😉

Stay well everyone!
Elder Leach


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