Posted by: capetownelder | April 16, 2012

Flat Tires, Big Hills

Hello everyone! Long time no talk. Sorry for the delay in letters. All of us Grahamstown elders (well, the 4 of us) went up to East London last week for P-day (Preparation day, a missionary’s weekly Christmas, for those who are unfamiliar with the lingo ;)) and e-mails were cut short.

While in East London, Elder Alexander and I stayed the night with Elder Balmforth (my first trainee) and his companion in anticipation for the next day’s zone conference, which would be my last. Elder Balmforth and I stayed up until nearly 2:00 AM (am I suppose to disclose that? Oops…) talking about old times, and how tragic our separation truly was back in December 2010. He has six months left, and then he too will end his mission.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time in East London. The subject President Wood spoke about was priesthood power and purity. He knows he has 112 or so 19-21 year old young men, so that’s a good subject to review every once in a while.

This week was a killer in some respects, although I thank the Lord for providing Elder Alexander and I with good health and safety. In the space of 24 hours we experienced three flat bike tires and ended up on foot for a total of 2 days. Now, if you’ve ever been to Grahamstown you’d know how sore ones feet would be after walking up and down those hills. Nonetheless, this is the Lord’s work and He always prepares a way to get His work done no matter the adversity that comes our way.

When the tires popped, I found myself smiling and laughing about it rather than swearing and kicking the useless piece of metal. Laughing about life’s inconveniences is a lot more fun than crying about them!

Now back to the zone conference in East London, it was so surreal to be standing with two other elders going home in the zone and having the rest of the elders sing the farewell mission song to us. When I bore my final testimony, I got a little choked up, especially since I prayed so hard and so long to serve here.

“I prayed to serve in Africa months before I received the call,” I recounted. “I figured if I prayed for those I’d be serving in Africa, Heavenly Father would have no choice but to send me there!”

How grateful I am for all that I have experienced here in this marvelous land, and the wonderful land of Namibia. But wait! What am I doing? I still have three weeks left. You won’t get a farewell out of me until my last P-day šŸ™‚

There’s so much I’d like to say, but so little time. Please just know, that I love my Father in Heaven, this work and those whom I’m serving. What a rewarding experiences this has been and will continue to be.


Elder Leach



  1. Your mission, sharing it via your news letters, has proved to be an extraordinary experience for us as well. Thank you. God speed.

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